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Four 20 Inch + One 40 Inch Zipper Cable Management

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Kootek Four 20 Inch + One 40 Inch Zipper Cable Management Neoprene Cord Cover Sleeve Wire Hider Concealer Organizer Protector System for Desk TV PC Computer Home Theater



4x19.7" and 1x39.4", it is great value at low price for 5 premium cable management sleeves and perfect as a gift.

kootek - Zipper Cable Management sleeves, you deserve better.


  • GREAT VALUE 5 PACK – 4×19.7″ and 1×39.4″, this zipper cable management is great value at low price for 5 premium cable management sleeves and perfect as a gift.
  • EASY ACCESS:  With a zipper closure you can just wrap all the cords and pull them together zip and done. Zipper Cable Management let you Never worry about finding the right cable to unplug again, the zip-up mechanism gives you pain-free access to your cables anytime.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL AND MUTI-FUNCTION- The seams and neoprene are very strong and good quality for years of use. It can also wraped on steering wheels or carriage bars to add comformt.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM- The sleeves are long and wide enough for all types of cables like USB, ethernet, HDMI, DisplayPort, power cables, etc. You can zip two together into one big one for larger bundles.
  • DIY BY YOURSELF: Cut slits to run cable out; Ideal for home, office or working shop – No need to worry the messy tangled cords depress you or trip your kid. All cords are wrangled up and hided in one sleeve from sight, it makes your living and working space look more organized.


I see you can zip two together to make it wider, but how many standard cords would fit into one and still be able to zip closed?

When a single cover is zipped together the diameter is about an inch. I'm using these for hdmi cords and could easily wrap one around 10 cords.
By Michael A. on November 13, 2015

can i get just one of these instead of a 4 pack?

Nope, you have to get all 4. I wanted just the large one, but the smaller ones are good for going around a wall outlet on the floor.
By Daniel on November 17, 2015

Is it cat proof? More specifically 'determined kitten' proof?

Well, I don't know if anything in the world is "determined kitten" (or "determined puppy") proof! These cord wraps are excellent and really look good! They are just neoprene sleeves that go around the cables and then zip closed to help conceal and make them organized, but if a cat or dog went to chew on them, I'm guessing they could chew through it and chew up the cables. With all of that said, for my use at the office without animal exposure, I love them!
By Amazon Customer on December 11, 2015


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1 thought on “Four 20 Inch + One 40 Inch Zipper Cable Management”

  1. Mark Matzke says:

    I am one of those who bought a sit stand desk, and I was concerned about the wires getting pinched. Finding this solution on Amazon lead to finding other similar products. After some research, and reading reviews, I chose Kootek, and I am very impressed. kootek Zipper Cable Management gave me one longer piece, and 4 standard pieces. For my set up, this was exactly the amount needed. It makes for a very clean appearance, and protects my cables as I desired. As for the quality of the zippers, and their choice to use zippers in this product, I had no issues, everything seems high quality and works great.


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