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Kootek 118 Inch Velcro Cable Management Neoprene Cord Cover Sleeve Wire Hider Concealer Organizer Protector System for Desk TV PC Computer Home Theater, DIY by Yourself, Black and White Reversible

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  • 118 inches long, 5.3 inches width, 1.3 inches in diameter when wrapped up.
  • Made from flexible and durable neoprene material for years of usage.
  • Featured a Velcro for quick and easy installation, can be cut down into several smaller pieces with a scissor.
  • Reversible for 2 ways of installations, you can choose the white or black side as the visible to match your décor.
  • All the cords are wrangled up and hidden in one sleeve from sight, it makes your living and working space look more organized.


    Just bind the cords together, wrap the sleeve around and bond. Reversible cable sleeve have black & white colors will match any decor!DURABLE MATERIAL
    Thick heavy duty flexible neoprene material makes them wrap multiple cables without any difficulties and live longer.THE MOST DIVERSE WIRE MANAGEMENT SLEEVE
    118 Inch long and can cut to a size that suits you; You can even cut holes in the material if you want a cable to come out or in the the sleeve, or you can just put in through a small opening in the velcro.IDEAL FOR HOME, OFFICE OR WORKSHOP
    With kootek cable sleeves, no need to worry the messy tangled cables depressed you or trip your kid. Perfect cable management system for power cords, USB cords, cell phone chargers, audio cables, headphones and any other wires at home, office or workshop.


does this protect against kitty chewing?

I wouldn't think so.
By Brewjaz on July 30, 2016

I can't say for sure, but I just bought a roll myself for exactly that reason. ;) At the least, it should buy a little more time to see the cats ARE chewing on cables before they've broken through them.

By Amazon Customer on July 31, 2016

I read to cover cords in tin foil wrap to discourage kitty wire chewing -- my plan is to do that and then place this item over the wires & foil wrap so they will look better. Fingers crossed!
By REK on August 19, 2016



5.0 / 5

3 thoughts on “Kootek 118 Inch Velcro Cable Management Neoprene Cord Cover Sleeve Wire Hider Concealer Organizer Protector System for Desk TV PC Computer Home Theater, DIY by Yourself, Black and White Reversible”

  1. hope franklin says:

    You get 118 inches so you can wrap a lot of cords

    You get 118 inches of this neoprene Velcro cable wrap to solve all those messy cord problems. I still have quite a few cords to wrap, especially all those cords behind my t.v.
    This is reversible so you can use the black or white side to match your decor. You can cut this easily to fit any size cords, you can also poke holes in it if you need to.
    I think this cord wrap would also be great if you have animals or small children around, this would help keep them out of the cords, or to keep them safe from tripping over cords.
    I have only wrapped some small cords so far, but I know this is going to work great for my big television cords. My husband has a couple of game systems, so behind the t.v. is a mess and I can’t wait to have it look all neat when I wrap them. You can also have your computer area neat by wrapping all those big cords if you still own the desktop computer.
    You can cut this to any size you need and save what you don’t need, so I think this would be great for anyone to use. I did receive this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

  2. Lisa and Steve says:


    This is a pretty neat and innovative product that conceals your wires from your entertainment center to your TV or any other wire concealing that you need to do.

    It’s pretty easy to use by measuring the distance from your TV to behind your entertainment center, cutting the product, then wrapping it around the wires and securing it tightly with the Velcro. That’s it!

    The wire covering is a padded neoprene that has a little bit of give to it. I estimate that it will stretch another 3/4 to 1 inch with tension. Its black on one side and white on the other to match your wall color. This looks cosmetically pleasing and if it is done right looks very professional.

    The only con that I have with this product is if the cords arent symmetrical then it looks lumpy( needs to be Velcroed very neatly). The fix to this was small zip ties that zips the cables uniformly together, so that the installation process was smoother( or have another set of hands).

    In conclusion, this is a very innovative product that I haven’t seen before. I have used the hard plastic concealers and they do work good but you usually have to double side tape them to your wall or screw them to the wall. There is enough of this material so that you can do approximately 3 to 4 TV to entertainment stands concealment. My insulation in the pictures only took about 20 inches. I have two more TVs that need to be done and I’ll probably have 5 feet still left.

    I received a complementary sample of this product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. I am a registered nurse and my word/trust is my reputation! I do not give inflated reviews whatsoever!

  3. Cookie says:

    Luv it

    Fantastic for clearing cluttered wires (attached before & after pictures). I needed more flexibility than a plastic casing could provide, and this served it’s purpose perfectly. I only wish there was an option to get this with wall mouting, I thought I used decent sized nailheads but a tug at one end pulled fabric through. I didn’t take it out of the bag till install, and now I wish I did and gave it a day outside since it has that chemical-rubbery smell. Still 5 stars since it keeps wire addicted cat at bay, I used bitter anti cat spray that didn’t register with the cat, but I ended up tasting it every time I needed to connect anything. This is a much better solution, and I really wish I’ve done it sooner for aesthetic purposes.

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