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Kootek Portable Clip On Music Light Stand 9 LED Orchestra Lamp Adjustable Neck Reading Light Rechargeable USB Book Lights

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Adjustable Clip And Rechargeable USB Book Lights, Portable Clip On Music Light Stand 9 LED Orchestra Lamp



Item Weight: 12.8 ounces

Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 2.7 x 2.4 inches

Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces


  • 9 bright LEDs, 3 Power Supply Modes: AC + USB + Biult-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
  • One Button Control: easy access power switch behind to power on/off and control two brightness levels.
  • Widely Used: suitable for music stands, pianos, orchestra pits, desks, tables, dark clubs, etc.
  • 2-IN-1: This adjustable clip book light can stand on desk with the base as normal desk lamp and also available to clip almost anywhere and any angle with its anti-skid clip.
  • Portable and Lightweight: take it with you while traveling, it is easy to carry and can be powered by built-in battery. (NOTE: Do not turn on the light while it’s charging. Using the light while charging will cause damage to the AC adapter and decrease its life.)


How long is the cord that connects the lamp to the power adapter?

The cord and supplied USB adaptor length is just over 6 feet in length.
By J. Clem on March 2, 2016

How long does the battery last?

I've used it for 3 hours straight and then recharged it, because I don't want it to die in the middle of a gig.
By Arthur on March 25, 2016

Is the battery easy to remove? I would use ac power when available but don't want to burn out the adapter.

A small screw must be removed first to open it up and remove batteries. You raise a good question regarding the charger. Some of these types of lights it's best to remove the batteries if it's going to always be plugged in. Presently mine are plugged in with batteries in place. It would seem to me that the charger is acting only as an adapter if the batteries are fully charged. Maybe others with actually knowledge can chime in here. These are a nice value I think. I use two on one music stand as some of my music will be 4 and 5 sheets wide.

By Richard on December 9, 2015

Can you clip this adjustable book light on an iPad?

The clip would probably allow it, but, It's too large in my opinion.
By J. Trahan on July 5, 2016

What type/ size/capacity battery does this use? what type of connector? the photo looks like a lithium polymer battery. i want to keep a spare handy.

I don't know, I will figure it out when I need to. I simply charge it and use it. Seems to last long enough between charges.
By Abe Lincoln on April 16, 2016

Can the light clip on to the sheet music headboard of a grand piano?

Yes, can clip on your music headboard.
By Kootek on March 15, 2016

How far will the jaws open? Will they open 2"

I can open them to 2 inches. I am not sure how tight the grip is at than expansion. My piano rack is 5/8, and it holds securely.
By Kittie on July 27, 2016

do i remove the batteries before i use the ac instead of the batteries??

I leave mine plugged in while in use with no issues so far. Sometimes I unplug it and just use the batteries, but I don't remove them. Hope this helps.
By Eric on November 18, 2015



5.0 / 5

3 thoughts on “Kootek Portable Clip On Music Light Stand 9 LED Orchestra Lamp Adjustable Neck Reading Light Rechargeable USB Book Lights”

  1. PaulH says:

    Nice music light at a great price.

    Bought one of these for use at orchestra gigs – liked it so well I bought two more to make sure the rest of my section had lights when needed.
    Bright, even light. Flexible shaft makes it easy to position where it’s needed. Good strong clip grips a variety of music stands and piano music desks just fine. And unlike some much more expensive lights, it doesn’t block my view of the conductor over the top of the stand and below the light. So far, seems to charge quickly and stay bright for a long time. Do note that the supplied charger is not rated to run the light, only to charge the battery.

  2. Frank V says:

    Great light for a closet.

    Bought this for my closet. I needed something with an arm because the strip lights end up only illuminating the top of things. This turned out great. It focuses light on the front of my clothes so I can easily see everything. You can’t quite see the light itself in the photo here, but you can see the light it gives off. It was charged out of the box, which was nice. The clip fits snuggly on the shelf which is about an inch thick. It’s not budging. And the arm is flexible enough to get it just in the right angle and stay there. The on/off button is conveniently located on the end of the clip facing me.

  3. Mapache says:

    I give this clone a thumbs up-AND great customer service!!!

    Glad I didn’t fork out the extra bucks for a Mighty Bright. This works better when you are on batteries: Stays bright longer and it is easy to charge because IT COMES with rechargeable batteries built in. Charges fast and lasts for hours. I had a Mighty Bright and this baby side by side on stage and while the Mighty started out a bit brighter, it quickly faded while the Kootek stayed bright…did I say for hours? Looks like the CHARGER IS NOT MADE TO HANDLE CHARGING AND ILLUMINATING AT THE SAME TIME but since the charge lasts so well, that was not an issue. I just brought it home and charged it (the charger is for 110V but connects with USB so you can charge it that way as well).

    So, I give this clone a thumbs up so far.

    Update: May 2016. I loved the first one so much that I bought another. The charger didn’t light on the new one and I commented on this to seller when they wrote to ask how the purchase was. They were right on it and sent me out a new one the next day. Excellent customer service. This has been working great in orchestra and the dreaded pit. Folds up easily to fit in my instrument case. Can’t recommend this enough.


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